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Church of the Good Shepherd. Lake Tekapo - South Island  


In the heart of the South Island lies Lake Tekapo. An untouched piece of New Zealand's beauty.

Situated in the MacKenzie Country in the heart of the South Island, Lake Tekapo has become established as an undeveloped jewel in the New Zealand tourist industry.
Scenery such as that in Lake Tekapo is unequalled anywhere else in the country.
The lake has a unique colour due to the glacier fed waters from several glaciers that once filled the entire valley and is surrounded by mountains that rise up from the waters and reach for the sky.

Lake Tekapo isn't only known for its rural and scenic values. The area was also made famous in the mid 1900's when the jet boat was invented on a remote sheep farm near Lake Tekapo.

Known for its high country merino sheep stations, Lake Tekapo has a warmth that ensures visitors return to what the rest of New Zealand once was.

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Visit Lake Tekapo web site at www.tekapotourism.co.nz for more details.