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Lake Taupo - North Island  

Lake Taupo

Fly fishing on Lake TaupoIn the centre of the North Island is New Zealand's largest lake. It's hard to believe as you walk along the lake front that the lake is in fact a super-crater of a volcano.

Such was the violence of the explosion that produced the lake in its current form 1800 years ago, the approximate 50 cubic kilometres of debris blasted in to the air darkened the planet's skies and were observed as far away as China and Rome.

Only a short drive from the nearby volcanic peaks of Tongariro, Ngauruhoe and Ruapehu, Lake Taupo is an essential stay during a New Zealand visit.

Activities such as fishing, boating, sailing, rafting and sightseeing the local thermal parks and activity centres make Taupo a scenic, adventurous or plain picturesque destination.