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Mitre Peak in the mist of a nearby waterfall. Milford Sound - New Zealand  


Literally hidden down on the west coast of New Zealand's South Island is Milford Sound. This cliff sided 'finger' of water is land locked by huge mountains and is only accessible by sea or by the only road in to Milford that passes through the Southern Alps by way of the Homer tunnel.

Once in Milford you will be greeted by one of the most impressive, natural sights in the world.
Thousands of visitors to New Zealand make Milford Sound a very important part of their New Zealand trip.

Milford Sound is best explored from the water and boat trips are available to visit the huge waterfalls that seem to fall forever down in to the sea below.
The west coast of New Zealand is known for its wet weather and the result of the larger than normal rainfall is the amount of water that can be seen running off the mountainsides and crashing to the water below in a large misty cloud..

The chiselled peaks surrounding Milford Sound appear to break through the dense bush that exists below the snowline.

A paradise has to have its drawbacks and Milford's is the sandflies. Similar to Europe's 'midgies', these tiny flies are always about and provide a talking point for years to come.

Coach tours and scenic flights operate to and from Milford Sound and visitors often coach in and fly out, or vice versa.

Accommodation is available at Milford, but due to the attempt of minimising human impact on the area only a small number of rooms are available and booking is essential.